See Why B.B. King’s Daughters Hired Trayvon Martin’s Case Attorney

Posted On : June 14, 2015

6-14 trayvon martin attorney and daughters

B.B. King’s daughters have hired Trayvon Martin’s (as well as other individuals who were suspiciously killed by police) family’s attorney and they are refusing to go down without a fight. What are they now fighting for? The truth, because they still do not believe they have it.

Sitting on the outside and watching B.B. King’s family and his manager go at it for several weeks now, it’s easy for some to say that B.B.’s children should just let it go. The only problem is that for most people who are in their position, that’s extremely hard to do, when they sincerely believe in their hearts that there was possibly foul play in their Father’s death and that everything their father worked for is being stolen from him by the handler(s) of his estate.

6-14 attorney and daughter

Here’s why B.B.’s daughters have now hired the attorney from Trayvon Martin’s case: (via Associated Press)


Two of B.B. King’s daughters said Friday they have enlisted a lawyer involved in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida and the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, to review their suspicions that the blues icon’s longtime business manager looted his accounts and hastened his death in Las Vegas.

Attorney Benjamin Crump, appearing at a Las Vegas courthouse with another lawyer already handling a challenge to King’s designated estate executor, said he’ll take an independent look at King’s death May 14 at age 89 and the handling of his finances.

attorney brent bryson
LaVerne Toney’s attorney, Brent Bryson

“They’re not being accusatory. They just want to find out the truth of all that happened with their father,” Crump said of King daughters Patty King and Karen Williams.

Attorney Brent Bryson, representing the B.B. King estate, and LaVerne Toney, the executor King named in his will, responded later that it didn’t matter who represents the daughters.

“The allegations against Ms. Toney are absolutely false and without merit, and we look forward to our day in court,” Bryson said. “The facts of the case are not going to change based on who they bring in to present the case.”

B.B.'s faimily's attorney Larissa Drohobyczer
B.B.’s family’s attorney Larissa Drohobyczer

Attorney Larissa Drohobyczer said she represents what she called a five-member family board of B.B. King’s 11 surviving children, including Williams and Patty King. Drohobyczer said she believes the music legend’s estate is worth between…


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