See Why Brandy Had To Check A Fan On Instagram!

Posted On : January 31, 2016

fb brandy whitneySinger, Brandy Norwood, didn’t bite her tongue one bit, when she quickly checked a a fan on her Instagram page after he tried to come for her. The quick check session went down when Brandy paid homage to her mentor/idol, the late Whitney Houston, by posting a photo on Instagram of the two of them smiling and having a moment.

Brandy’s photo caption read: #Us I think about you every day and night. Thank you for always visiting me in my dreams. #FairyGodMother #Nippy
Brandy and Whitney2
As soon as a fan got wind of this IG post he commented to Brandy and said: What happened to the note she handed to you before she passed? Why wasn’t that ever acknowledged @4everbrandy

The fan was referring to the note that Whitney handed to Brandy on Feb. 9, 2012, just two days before her death. Whitney gave Brandy the note on air when she walked up on an interview that Brandy, Monica, and Clive Davis were doing and greeted them.

Whitney Houston handing Brandy a note on February 9, 2012
Whitney Houston handing Brandy a note on February 9, 2012

Brandy immediately sensed the dude’s accusatory tone, as if she’d done something wrong by not telling all of her and Whitney’s business to the media, so she decided to put her foot down and put the man back in his place where he belongs- on the outside of she and Whitney’s personal relationship. Here’s what Brandy told him: “because she gave it to me and no one else!!! So I haven’t shared it with everyone because she ONLY shared it with ME!!! Love”
brandy ig cnt

#Us I think about you everyday and every night. Thank you for always visiting me in my dreams. #FairyGodMother⭐️ #Nippy

A photo posted by B R AN D Y / S L A Y A N A (@4everbrandy) on

And THAT is how you officially and gracefully check somebody! Go ‘head Brandy!

Like we always say, we’re always grateful to celebs who publicly share pieces of their lives with all of us- regardless of if the info is good, bad, or ugly- because there are lessons to be learned from all of it and we respect them for willingly sharing that with the world. BUT everything ain’t always for everybody to know and therefore if a celeb’ does not wanna share certain parts of their story with their fans, they have every right not to do so, and we respect that as well, just like we respect the way Brandy just shut a fan down for trying to insinuate Brandy’s hiding something.

Good for you Brandy!

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