See Why Jazmine Sullivan Is Getting DRAGGED Like Old Laundry On The Internet!

Posted On : October 19, 2016

Unfortunately, Twitter users are “busting” Jazmine’s social windows right now, showing no mercy for her recent “out of pocket” statement.

It was too soon, Jazmine.

While her intentions might have been reminiscently playful, Sullivan’s recent post about Thomas “TC” Clay’s death didn’t go unnoticed.

Way Too Soon

Just a short time ago, Jazmine posted a personal eulogy regarding gospel sensation Thomas Clay. Although she was recounting personal experiences, one particular part set Black Twitter into a frenzy.

With so much negative feedback about the post, Jazmine quickly removed the eulogy from her account.

However, if you know anything about social media, someone is ALWAYS watching your page — especially if you’re a celebrity.

So, of course, Jazmine’s comment will live on in infamy due to several screenshots.

By now, you’re probably wondering what she said. It’s located below.

“I didn’t know TC very well,” Sullivan begins.

“What I do know is I gave him my number accidentally thru a friend and he reached out consistently for a year. I think I replied maybe 3 times but that never stopped him from writing me. He was DETERMINED lol.”

Kanye West 'Really' Face at Jazmine Sullivan
Really, Jazmine? / Image via Getty Images

As part of her backstory, Sullivan continued with talks of how he brought her flowers to one of her San Francisco shows.

“…This was not the TC I thought it was…he was sweet,” Jazmine states.

“I remember going to Park Side and seeing him and thinking ‘o gosh, he’s going to come over and make his move’. But he didn’t. He said a quick hi and instead got on the mic and made up an 5 min song abt me.

“But through the embarrassment and flattery I felt, I thought ‘WOOOW this guy is gifted’.”

If you’re interested in seeing one of Thomas Clay’s last performances, you can view the video below.

Obviously, this man was beyond talented.

In Hindsight

After hearing him for herself, that’s seemingly when Jazmine’s opinion of Thomas Clay changed — on that day. Then, she started paying him more attention.

“I instantly followed him on IG becoming more enraptured w his gift,” expresses Sullivan.

However, now, she’s feeling sorrow for not having known him better, “for my sake,” mentions Jazmine.

“From what I’m reading it seemed he had a way of making everyone he knew feel really special. And that’s exactly how I felt that night he sang to me. I’ll never forget it. Just know I was YOUR fan TC!!!!”

That’s where she should have stopped the speech. Maybe she wouldn’t have gotten dragged so hard. Maybe they would’ve spared a little mercy.

Yet, it’s the last statement she makes which sent everyone over the top. It was an addition to the last quote.

“Cuz I know you still got a crush on me in heaven and you listening,” notes Sullivan.


If you’d like to read the full eulogy, you can take a look via the tweet below.

As Thomas Clay said in the video, “sometimes, when it ain’t your season, it ain’t your time to open your mouth.”

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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