See Why Keshia Wants Ed LOCKED UP Again & Her Adorable BABY SHOWER PICS

Posted On : October 29, 2016

ILOSM family we know the headline to this article seems a little random, jail and baby shower typically wouldn’t go together in the same sentence. But we figured we’d kill too birds with one stone and give y’all the latest on why Keshia Knight Pulliam is trying to get her soon-to-be-ex-husband,/former NFL player, Ed Hartwell, locked up again, as well as mix in the brighter side of their union with Keshia’s recent baby shower photos…


fb keshia knight and ed police7 Word on the Old School curb is that Keshia has just asked the judge to take Ed into custody for not holding up his end of the bargain regarding a paternity test. Here is what is being reported via TMZ:

Pulliam just filed new docs saying she's already submitted her court ordered DNA sample ... but Ed missed the deadline. She wants a judge to find him in contempt, and lock him up until he hands over his sample.
That's not all ... Keshia wants Ed to register all his guns solely under his own name. They previously had weapons registered together, but Keshia wants to cut ties due to what she calls Ed's uncontrollable temper. Keshia's also asking the judge to order Ed to pay half her moving fees and household bills from the home they shared. And if you wanna know how petty this split is -- she's demanding he buck up for her pooch's "flea treatment."
fb keshia knight Dang, Keshia ain't playing! The flea treatments and all huh? LOL. I guess she's leaving no stone unturned in this divorce. On the serious tip though, we just hope they chill out with the drama or the duration of Keshia's pregnancy so that little Ella can make it here 100% safe and sound. Then after birth, Keshia and Ed can get back to all the buckin' they want to with each other, while precious little Ella Grace is growing and enjoying her infant years in peace, stress-free.

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