Shawn Of BoyzIIMen Drops Good Guy Image& Speaks TRUTH On BlackLivesMatter

Posted On : July 15, 2016

Shawn Stockman, of Boyz II Men, has become one of the more unlikely one celebs to spread message on the Black Lives Matter movement, but in recent days he’s flooded social media with his video messages, venting and candidly voicing his frustration about the repeated police violence against ‘his people’ and what he thinks should be done. This is a side of Shawn that we typically don’t get to see. So don’t let the clean cut, All-American Boyz II Men image fool you, Shawn ain’t NEVER scared…


A video posted by shawnstockman PhD (@shawnstockman) on

Shawn Stockman to anyone who doesn't understand BLM movement:
"All I ask is that if you don't understand- because if you did you would probably feel the same way that we do- but if you don't, then just...respectfully stand to the side and let this play out."
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