She’s Back! Mo’Nique &Hubby Speak On Her Viral Video Bashing Oprah,Daniels&Perry

Posted On : May 16, 2017

Listen up ILOSM family: Mo’Nique’s got something to say about her all-out blast session of Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels, and Tyler Perry- and that is, she ain’t NEVER scared!

Mo 'Nique and husband, Sidney Hicks
Mo ‘Nique and husband, Sidney Hicks

After video of her stand up went viral on Monday (5-15-17), everybody and their Mommas were talking about the way Mo’Nique stood on that Apollo stage and let the Hollywood heavyweight trio have it. *Scroll down to watch Mo’Nique explain why she went off*

In case y’all missed it, Mo’Nique went OFF on them for blackballing her in the industry over the beef she and Lee have had ever since she didn’t thank him in her 2010 Oscar Award acceptance speech for her role on the Daniels’ directed film, Precious…at least that’s what Mo’Nique said was the cause of it.

FI monique oprah tyler perry and lee daniels

In her viral video, Mo’Nique told the audience that she was being “whiteballed” (her reference to being blackballed) by “by some ni$$as who had no balls,” referring to Lee, Tyler and Oprah. She then went on to say that every last one of them could “suck my d*&k…if I had one!” So uh…yeah, it got real on stage that night.

But now Mo’Nique is back to speak her mind one more time and she says she’s using a cue from one of her idols Richard Pryor, who was always known to speak his and stand up for himself, no matter the cost. Mo’Nique wants to make it clear that she is not backing down from her words because she will not be punked into silence like so many other Hollywood types are known for doing. Her husband, Sidney Hicks, was right there by her side. Check out what she had to say in her interview with TMZ…

Watch Mo’Nique Explain Why She Went Off

Not sure how Oprah Winfrey will react to this, but is Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels respond like they have been known to in the past about things they disagree with, then we all may be in for a public showdown because neither one of them have been known to -just like Mo’Nique- not speak out and keep it 100% real with the public in situations like these. Only time will tell t6hough…in the meantime y’all keep your popcorn nearby.

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