Should This Fake Mariah Carey Really Get Paid THIS MUCH? U Gotta See Her!

Posted On : December 22, 2015
Mariah Carey (L); Mariah impersonator, Laura Pasqualoni (R)
Mariah Carey (L); Mariah impersonator, Laura Pasqualoni (R)

We know celebrity impersonation is big business in some parts of the world, but what we did not know is that some of the impersonators were getting paid like THIS!

Nope this is NOT Mariah Carey, this is Laura Pasqualoni
Nope this is NOT Mariah Carey, this is Laura Pasqualoni

There is a Mariah Carey impersonator by the name of Laura Pasqualoni, who looks a lot like the original Mariah and some say she even sounds exactly like Mariah. The most shocking part of it all is that Laura is almost getting paid Mariah Carey figures when she performs! According to MailOnline, ol’ girl is making as much as $70,000 to perform! What the?!!!

See the details below and tell us if you think Mariah part 2 deserves that much loot.

As a Mariah Carey lookalike, Laura Pasqualoni is always in demand at this time of year.
The singer…has revealed she can charge anything up to $70,000 for a single appearance, impersonating the 45-year-old Grammy winner.
And during the holiday season, it’s “All I Want For Christmas” that audiences want to hear, says the 41-year-old.

Laura Pasqualoni and Santa
Laura Pasqualoni and Santa

Due to the pop diva’s hit record, Christmas is one of the most lucrative times of the year for Laura.
[Laura] explains: ‘I am always busy but over the holidays, I am extra busy! People always want to see me perform Mariah’s number one song All I want For Christmas.

‘I’ve been a professional Mariah Carey lookalike for over…

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