Manager Reveals How Trump Did Sammy Davis Jr. Dirty When He Was Dying

Posted On : October 9, 2017
Sammy Davis Jr.

As the late music/acting icon, Sammy Davis Jr., was dying, he was also reportedly dealt a huge setback by Donald Trump. Ultimately Sammy’s Rat Pack partner and close friend, the late Frank Sinatra, had to stand up for him against Trump, according to Sinatra’s former manager.

In his upcoming memoir, “The Way it Was,” Sinatra’s ex-manager, Eliot Weisman, details the time that he damn near choked Trump and Sinatra told Trump to “Go f**k himself”…in that order. Apparently just like Trump does now, as the president of the U.S., Weiss says the beef started between them due to Trump’s offensive tactics/comments.

What Happened Between Trump, Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr.?

Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra; Trump

It all went down in 1990, the same year that Davis Jr. passed away from throat cancer. Although Sammy had terminal cancer, he still was performing to earn money. Sinatra’s manager said Trump blocked Sammy and Sinatra from getting the payment they were already scheduled to receive from their (then upcoming) Taj Mahal performance. According to Weiss, Trump stepped in at the last minute and tried to undercut them, by  cutting Sammy and their opening act, out of the performance altogether. Therefore the deathly ill Sammy Davis Jr. couldn’t earn the much needed money he thought he had coming to him. That’s mainly why they took their business elsewhere. See what else Weiss explained below:

Via NYDailyNews: Eliot Weisman…managed Ol’ Blue Eyes from 1975 to 1998. In his book,… he recounts the 1990 opening of Trump’s Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, where Sinatra had planned to perform. According to Weisman, he had a deal in place with the new venue’s operator Mark Grossinger Etess, who died in a helicopter crash before they could cross the T’s and dot the I’s. That’s when The Donald got involved. Weisman said that Paul Anka warned him at Etess’ funeral that he was about to learn the meaning of “The Art of the Deal,” which is the title of Trump’s how-to book in wheeling and dealing.

90’s era Trump in front of Taj Mahal

“Who’s Steve and Eydie?” Trump asked, according to Weisman. Weisman said he then tried choking The Donald by his tie, but his son, who was also at the meeting, restrained him. Weisman called Sinatra to tell him what had happened, and Sinatra told him he had two choices: to tell Trump to go f–k himself or give Trump’s phone number to Sinatra so that he could do it himself. Weisman returned to Trump’s office and told The Donald “Sinatra says go f–k yourself!”

The Rat Pack: (L-R) Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin

After reportedly telling Trump what to do with his disrespect, Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and their supporting act, Steve and Eydie, were like ‘To hell with Trump and his Taj Mahal.’ Then they took their performances to Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas instead. Damn, Donald tried to stick ’em for their paper?

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