Oh My! Singer Janelle Monáe’s Cousin Killed In A Horrible Way (Video)

Posted On : August 31, 2016

Singer and activist Janelle Monáe  has been vocal about ending gun violence. Monáe particularly has been vocal about stopping the violence after her cousin, Natasha Hays, was killed in a Kansas drive-by shooting.

The singer's cousin, Natasha Hays, was killed on Tuesday while she was sleeping in her Kansas City home. 

Hays, along with her 3 children: ages 14, 16 and 18, were asleep Tuesday morning when someone opened fire on their home.

Thankfully, her children were not harmed. Sadly, the 37 year-old caregiver at Life Care Center, died.

The singer took to Twitter to express her grief about her cousin’s murder.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 8.17.49 PM

Hearing your uncle on the phone while he tries to make sense of his daughter being murdered is the most helpless feeling in the entire world

“Nobody deserves to lose their mother, sister, cousin, friend, etc. to the hands of evil. Evil has no race,” she added.

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The soul singer has used her voice to promote peace and say the names of victims who have been killed by police violence and hate crimes.

The protest song, “Hell You Talmbout,” listed Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland and Eric Garner.

Natasha Hays was described by her family as a hard-working mother who loved her children. Candice Berger, Hays’ cousin, spoke with Kansas city news station Fox 4 about the incident.

“Whoever did this is a coward,” said Candice Berger, Hays’ cousin.  ‘They just took her life … I mean, it’s just wrong, it’s just wrong, in a cowardly way.”

Berger say as the gunfire was hitting Hays’ home, Natasha Hays’ children woke up and called out for her.

When she didn’t answer, the 14-year-old went into her room, pulled down the covers and found her mother dead.

That’s an image that no child should ever see.

Currently, the police have no leads and no suspects.

Watch news footage on this story below:


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