Sisqo Is PISSED About His Fake Wannabe IMPERSONATOR & Now He’s Taking Action

Posted On : February 21, 2017

Dru Hill member and “Thong, thong, thong, thong, thong” singer, Sisqo, now wants a con-artist impersonator to be ‘gone, gone, gone, gone, gone.’

In case y’all haven’t heard about the impersonator, Gavin Barnes, yet, during the recent New York Fashion week, dude was the talk of the internet. Why? Because the brotha is clearly either disturbed, desperate, or delusional due to his impersonation stunts over on the folks at Fashion Week and conning his way into all kinds of high end events as ‘Sisqo.’ He even rocked Sisqo’s classic Versace type outfits, the shades, and you know it was only right that he died his Caesar haircut blonde. Can’t be Sisqo without that, right?
Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 5.59.21 PMWell needless to say, Barnes made plenty of non-urban cultured fashion designers (who barely know who the real Sisqo is, let alone, this dude) look like idiots once the Fashion Week photos surfaced of him as “Sisqo” sitting front and center at their top notch shows as their special guest. And check this out family, the impersonator even managed to con his way into Kanye West’s Fashion Week show, which is hard to get into at the last minute. The employees apparently must have believed he was Sisqo there too…Laaawd…

Barnes became the laughing stock of the internet as well and initially, Sisqo said that he wasn’t really trippin’ when he found out the dude had jacked his likeness at N.Y. Fashion Week. He even appeared to laugh it off and seemingly classify Gavin Barnes in the ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ category. But it wasn’t until recently, that Sisqo got pissed about it, after learning how his fake wannabe clone had allegedly hurt several people, including a little girl. Sisqo also heard Barnes was scheduled to perform as ‘Sisqo’ and collect a serious paycheck for it-  one that should have ultimately been lining the REAL Sisqo’s pockets.

See what else Sisqo said about this below…

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