Smokey Ain’t Afraid To Speak His Mind (Video Not Suitable For Work)

Posted On : September 26, 2014

Smokey Robinson arrives at the American
Alright ILoveOldSchoolMusic family, we all know that Smokey Robinson is known for giving us those timeless, classy, hits that can soothe the hardest criminal’s soul, BUT did you know there was a whole other side to “Mr. Tears of A Clown?” Turns out Smokey has NO problem talking that REAL talk and

letting it be known what’s on his mind. To get what we’re really saying, you have to check out this poem he performed on “Def Poetry Jams.”

Smokey comes on at the 20 second mark…and like we said in the title, this is NSFW- Not Suitable For Work -so if you’re around your co-workers plug your headphones in, or turn the volume down low before you hit that play button…LOL.

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