So Sad, 911 Call Released In George Michael’s Death & He’s Still Not Buried

Posted On : February 11, 2017

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The 911 call of the late “Careless Whisper” singer, George Michael’s, untimely death has been released and it gives his fans a visual into what the scene was like inside his home at that time.

Michael’s longtime boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, who has been under suspicion and under investigation ever since Michael’s death is the person who placed the call. His calmness during the call and the length of time he told dispatchers he was trying to awake Michael (one hour) as he lay in bed unresponsive before dialing 999 (England’s version of 911), has some fans concerned. Here are the details via TMZ:

Boyfriend: “He’s Dead And In Bed”

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TMZ: George Michael’s boyfriend calmly called 911 on Christmas Day and informed the dispatcher, “I’ve been trying to wake him up for the last hour but it’s not possible. He’s gone.”Fadi Fawaz discovered Michael’s body in bed and told dispatchers the singer was “cold and he’s blue … and he’s very stiff.” Fawaz sounds distressed but held it together. He was under a cloud of suspicion after he reportedly said he had spent Xmas Eve sleeping in his car and not at George’s home. After the first autopsy proved inconclusive, cops interviewed Fawaz for hours but cleared him of any wrongdoing. He still has not been buried as authorities continue to investigate cause of death.

Although Fawaz has been cleared of wrongdoing, Andros Georgiou, a man who says he’s George Michael’s cousin still has questions according to NYDailyNews:

Andros Georgiou — who referred to himself as the singer’s cousin — questioned Fawaz’s motives after he tweeted that he spent 24 hours a day with the former WHAM! frontman. “He was never with [GEORGE] 24 hours a day they never lived together… And even if they were, WHY were they not together on Christmas Eve ? and WHY did he sleep in the car ?” Georgiou questioned.

Fawaz has stated that on Christmas Eve, he slept in his car, but the reason for that is still unknown apparently.
Hopefully the investigation into Michael’s passing is coming to a conclusive end soon, so that he can finally be laid in his final resting place peacefully. Rest on George Michael…gone but never forgotten.

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