So Sad, Stevie Wonder’s Fiancee Revealed Horrific Tragedy Of Her 2Yr Old Son

Posted On : April 18, 2017

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Tomeeka Pays Emotional Tribute To Her 2 year Old Son

Six months after losing her precious baby, Izaiah, Tomeeka wrote this heartfelt message to him on her tribute website:

“Hi Baby…in a few days it will be six months, that you went home to be with the lord. This has probably been the most confusing six months of my entire life. You see I am a firm believer in god does not give us what we cannot bear. But it’s really hard to understand why god thought that I, your father, Bri Sche’, Kenaya, and anyone who ever met you could bear to live life without you. Izaiah I never imagined in a million years that I would have to bury one of my children. I automatically assumed that you both would out live me. Now that god had a different purpose and plan for our lives, I’m finding it difficult to adjust to his will. I miss you so much! It hurts so bad at times. I think of you obsessively. I am sorry that I took having all the time in the world with you for granted.”

“If I knew that we only had two years to be mother and child together I would have done a few things different. I would have given you a birthday party when you turned two. We would have taken more pictures of you after you turned two. I would’ve let you play outside when you cried because you were not finished playing.[…] I would’ve let you play in the kitchen with your toys on the floor while I cooked and cleaned. We would’ve taken a trip to Georgia to see my friends and family there.”

Stevie Wonder with Tomeeka and their daughter
Stevie Wonder with Tomeeka and their daughter

“I wouldn’t have changed your relationships! You loved everyone after you warmed up to them. Especially Daddy, and Bri. […] I wouldn’t have changed how you would throw your balls all over the house ” talking about catch.” You use to even throw your pampers to me saying “catch mama.” […] I would not have changed the fact that you slept with me, and daddy. […] You would hold onto my back tight and kick me all night long. But I loved it anyway. I would not change how you would automatically say your prayers at each meal without prompting. And at bedtime how you could not wait until I finished the prayer so you could hurry up and say amen. ( You looked so cute with your hands folded.) I wouldn’t change how every evening on the way home…you would wait until we get on the Wilson bridge to say “Wa ta mama” and I would say ‘yes wa ter baby’.”

“Izaiah what I’m trying to say is that this life will be most difficult without your presence. I loved being your mommy. I’m trusting that God will see our family through this most trying time.[…] The selfish mother in me wants to lay down and die. But the God in me will live and trust that he is in control and that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Izaiah you will always live in my heart and mind. I will live a life with much focus and purpose. Until we meet again. Your Mommy!”

Our continued condolences go out to Tomeeka on the loss of her child, because that is a pain that we’re sure she feels just as fresh as if it happened yesterday. We also wish she and Stevie Wonder great happiness in their upcoming marriage.

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