Some Jacksons Reportedly Worried After Katherine Calls Odd Hotel Room Meeting

Posted On : May 18, 2017

If you’ve been following the unfortunate drama currently surrounding the the Jackson family’s 87 year old matriarch, Katherine Jackson, then you know all about the family tension between she and her nephew (in-law), Trent Jackson. But what you may not know is that as a result of that tension, other problems within the family have reportedly arisen. That brings us to today…

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 25: Katherine Jackson attends a live press conference announcing Global Live Evennts' International Historical Trubute Concert honoring the late pop icon Michael Jackson on July 25, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

According to TMZ, ever since leaving her Calabasas home in January- out of her admitted fear of Trent – Katherine still has not been back, nor has she seen her grand-babies, Paris, Blanket, and Prince (MJ’s kids)- since then.

The odd thing is that Mama Katherine reportedly held a private meeting in a random hotel room with her grandson, T.J. (Tito’s son), who, along with her, is the co-guardian of MJ’s kids. That meeting is said to have made a few family members suspicious about why she’s constantly relocating. For the past few months Katherine was staying at her daughter, Rebbie’s, house. So it wasn’t clear why TJ could not meet her there.

TJ Jackson (via Instagram)
TJ Jackson (via Instagram)

Via TMZ: We’re told TJ and other family members believe some of Katherine’s kids have been holding her at bay from her own grandkids so they can gain control over the MJ estate. Our sources say Katherine mentioned she was not moving back to her Calabasas home but may buy another house. It’s odd an 87-year-old would start buying new homes, which has raised concern among some family members that someone’s pulling her strings. Other sources tell us … there’s no way Katherine could buy a home, because she doesn’t have the cash. She gets a monthly stipend of $67k from the estate, but she doles most of it out to her kids.

Overall, it just seems odd that after many decades of never hearing anything even remotely close to any of the Jackson siblings intentionally trying to do their Mom dirty, that they would suddenly be trying to manipulate her and do her dirty now. Anything’s possible, but I think there’s more to this story other than what’s being told.

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