Stacey Dash FIRED From Fox News, But U Won’t Believe What People Are Saying!

Posted On : January 22, 2017

Thanks to our friends at for letting us know that Stacey Dash was fired from the Fox News Network. They are cleaning house, and thee cable network decided not to renew the contract of Republican actress, 50 year-old Stacey Dash.

Hope It Was Worth It!!!

Wait.... WAYMENT.... WHOOOAAAA slow down.. Stacey Dash got fired by Fox News?....

It was no secret that she rubbed many people the wrong way. Instead of being known for her acting career, Dash often made headlines by saying offensive statements on gender and sexual orientation. Dash also spoke out against the Black Lives Matter movement and stated that the gender pay gap doesn’t really exist. Stacey Dash just turned 50 on last Friday, 1/20/17, and it appears that she was fired on that day.

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