Star Jones’ Ex-Hubby Comes Out As Bisexual After Star Announces Engagement To New Man

Posted On : November 3, 2017

ILOSM family, right now we feel like we’ve traveled back in time to the early 2005 and are watching “Waiting To Exhale” author, Terry McMillan, and her ex-husband, Johnathon Plummer all over again. Why? Because now former The View co-host/attorney, Star Jones’ ex-husband, Al Reynolds, has finally decided to take the same route that Plummer did- he’s just confirmed he’s attracted to men.

Al Reynolds with his then wife, Star Jones

Their Past Marriage & His Past Denial

Before we get into Al’s big revelation, let us take a trip down memory lane with him and Star. The year was 2004 and Star Jones was at the height of her career. Al Reynolds was a Wall Street banker. They reportedly dropped a whopping $1 MILLION on their wedding, only for their marriage to crash n’ burn quicker than one can say “I am delivert!” By 2008, they divorced amid rumors that Star was fed up with Al’s lack of work efforts and mooching off her money. Al’s alleged gold-diggin’ ways were never officially confirmed neither of them.

Throughout their marriage, gay rumors plagued Al Reynolds. Eventually the brotha must’ve gotten tired of people talking about him, so in 2008, he did a television interview, adamantly denying that he was “gay”:

“I am not a homosexual…it’s really kinda upsetting to me that, that is where people would go, as it relates to my sexuality. […] If anyone knew the damage that it has caused me, they would understand why I’m very aggressive about this.”

Al Reynolds Bravely Comes Out: “Today, I accept myself as a bisexual man.”

Although Reynolds tried to deceive the public in 2008, it turns out he was partially telling the truth with his ceative world-play- he’s not “gay,” his actually “bisexual.” That’s what he’s now revealed in his new RadarOnline interview. Here’s part of what Reynolds said:

2017: Al Reynolds (via Instagram)

“I have come to a point in my life where I am ready to discuss my truth. I wasn’t ready to do this then — I wasn’t even ready to think about it, let alone process it. To understand my journey and how I got to this point, you need to understand a little about me.

I am the youngest of six children in a Southern Baptist family. We grew up in a three-bedroom mobile home in Horsepasture, Virginia. We were deeply religious. […] Life was not nuanced or frivolous, nor did it allow any time for introspection. It was clear and proscribed, black and white, angels or sinners. […] As a black man, that message and the hate and homophobia were multiplied to the nth degree. I saw no path out that would resolve my personal feelings with my deeply held and ingrained religious beliefs.

Today I accept myself as a bisexual man. I have learned that sexual orientation is not binary, at least for me. I am capable of loving both sexes, and I have done both. My relationships, all of them, have been honest and based on my attraction to the other person. When I am in love I don’t equivocate, nor do I waver. I tell this story to both encourage my personal path, as well as give some small measure of hope to others that no matter your beginnings, no matter the obstacles, there is nothing so fulfilling and Godlike as living the life that was destined.”

Although his sexuality is no one’s business, we applaud Al Reynolds for finally having the courage to stand in his truth.

Fans Not Surprised

2017: Al Reynolds (via Instagram)

Y’all already know this comes as no surprise to many. All across social media, folks have expressed how “not surprised” they are, based on Al’s mannerisms and such. One commenter @BrendaDiazcruz4 wrote on Twitter, “Like we don’t that by looking at u Al please.” Another commenter, @MzHoney_11 said “That’s old news!! WE FIGURED THAT SHI@@ out way back THEN!🙄😂😂” Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Star Jones Announces Engagement To Her New Man

2017: Star Jones with her new fiancee, Ricardo Lugo

Star Jones is also living in her truths. She recently announced her engagement to her new beau-thang, Ricardo Lugo. In doing so, it seems ol’ girl learned a lesson from her past public relationship with Al Reynolds: keep your personal business on lock. This is all Star said about her fiancee:

Via US Weekly: [Star Jones] revealed the news while attending the Angel Ball… in NYC on Monday, October 23. “We’re engaged,” Jones, 55, told Us at the event. She added, laughing: “Not talking about it.”

Good for you Star!

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