Star Jones Got A NEW MAN! See Why Many Are SURPRISED Though

Posted On : November 30, 2016

Have you seen Star Jones’ new man? For those who don’t know, she’s definitely moved on and it’s quite obvious her ex-husband, Al Reynolds, is now a thing of the past. So, who has her heart now? Well, there’s actually two men she adores now…details below…


Screen-Shot-2016-07-27-at-11.55.25-AM Star introduced her man and his son by stating this:

“This is my family,” she introduced the Lugos. “I’m not married, but we’re together.”
Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 5.02.38 PM The reason some people were a little surprised by her new man is because Richard is of Hispanic decent and up until now, the public had only been accustomed to seeing Star with African American men. In particular her ex-husband, Al Reynolds... Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 4.52.15 PM And then there was this guy... Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 5.01.50 PM Well Star has clearly expanded her palette so to speak and she seems happy, so we're happy for her. BUT HERE'S WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW THOUGH>>>
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