Sugar Ray’s Ex-Wife Dated His Legendary 80’s R&B Friend After He Divorced Her!

Posted On : December 2, 2017

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You know how the old saying goes: “sharing is caring” and in this case, there was an Old School singer who allegedly took that term literally when he applied it to his former friend, Sugar Ray Leonard’s ex-wife, Juanita Leonard. Sources say that back in the day, he patiently waited for his friend/acquaintance to divorce his wife so that he could eventually holla at her. Eventually Sugar Ray and Juanita divorced, then he went in for the kill, and they stayed together for a few years. Which soul singer is it you ask? Keep scrolling to find out…

Peabo Bryson


Word on the Old school curb is that Peabo went out on a double date with Sugar Ray Leonard and apparently liked what he saw sitting across the table from him – Leonard’s wife! After Juanita and Sugar Ray divorced, Peabo took his shot and landed his new girl, Juanita. They actually stayed together for about 2 years after that and were engaged to each other a few times. We’re sure this is water under the bridge now for all parties involved, but it would be interesting to know how Sugar Ray Leonard felt about this back then. Scroll down to meet the woman who dated Sugar and Peablo… 

Here’s Juanita! Sugar Ray Leonard married his high school sweetheart, Juanita Wilkinson, in 1980. Pictured here, you see their six-year-old son, Ray Jr. He’s a splitting image of Sugar Ray, and during their wedding, he served as the ring bearer.

The marriage lasted 10 years, because sometime in 1990 they divorced. Per Wikipedia, during the divorce proceedings, Juanita Leonard accused her Sugar Ray of physically abusing her while under the influence of alcohol. She also said he was an occasional cocaine user. Good thing Sugar Ray didn’t punish Peabo like he punished Tommy Hearns…

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