Tamar Braxton Tells What Life Is Really Like Without Husband Vince & This May Surprise Him

Posted On : December 17, 2017
Vince and Tamar

Since Tamar Braxton filed for divorce, the downward spiral of her marriage to Vince Herbert has been making headlines everywhere. Then, to make matters worse, the drama over the past few months is unfolding on the final season of Tamar and Vince. Although the famed music executive has expressed a desire to reconcile with his estranged wife, Tamar has made it clear that she’s not here for it. Of course, fans have wondered if the divorce filing was just a publicity stunt for their show, but Tamar has revealed the truth about the whole situation. Apparently, life really is better when she and Vince are apart.

Better Days:

On the latest episode of Tamar and Vince, the “Love & War” singer admitted that her life is less stressful when she and Vince aren’t together. In fact, she even admitted it’s a relief to not be around each other. The exclusive clip, released by Entertainment Tonight, definitely sheds light on how Tamar really feels about her estranged husband. “It’s just like, oh my god,” Tamar said in the clip. “I’m up under you every day. Every day! Like, I love you, but do I have to see this face 24 hours a day? Like, come on. If I go off and go to work and come back home and he’s not there, my day is better when I get home.”

Check out the clip below:

A Breath Of Fresh Air?:

The latest news follows a string of reports about the couple’s life behind closed doors. According to Tamar’s mama Evelyn Braxton, she’s been subjected to physical abuse while married to Vince. Insiders have also revealed Tamar’s family has a sense of relief now that she’s decided to leave Vince. But despite their split, there’s still a legal battle to fight since they have a son, money, and property issues they must agree on. So things may get a bit worse before they get any better. Best of luck to Tamar and Vince.

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