Tamar Braxton Viciously Shuts Down Fan On Instagram After She Did THIS!

Posted On : March 23, 2016


Tamar Braxton has long since stepped outside of the shadow of her big sis’ Toni, and has transformed into THE Tamar Braxton- the sister who will check a female with the quickness if she tries to step to her wrong. That’s exactly what Tamar did the other day, when a one of her IG followers rushed to her Instagram page to take shots at her new clothing line, by implying that the clothes looked cheap as all get out and she even compared them to QVC clothing, which is what I think really made Tamar flip out and go off…like ALL the way off….calling the woman a “hating a$$ heffa” and everything! Check out the heated exchange below:


tamar comments

Welp! It looks like that fan learned something that day- Don’t come for Tamar unless you wanna get a shady clap back in front of all of your followers and friends on IG.

I tell ya’ those keyboard gangsters are something else. Keyboard gangsters are what we, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic, call people who are quick to attack others online while sitting behind their keyboards, but if they were standing face to face with that person, they would probably be one of the quietest people in the room.

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