Tamar And Vince 911 Call Released, You Gotta Hear It To Believe It

Posted On : August 25, 2016

Tamar and Vince turned lots of heads earlier this week with their fight at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, GA. Several news outlets reported that Tamar called 911 after Vince bit her finger.

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The bizarre fight left many fans scratching their heads, but now the 911 audio has been released. Although Tamar and Vince have yet to formally address the situation, the 911 call has revealed he actually did bite her finger, according to BET.

If Tamar’s tone of voice is any indicator of how serious the incident was, it’s safe to say they definitely had a bad domestic dispute. Although Vince wasn’t arrested, there are still tons of questions. Most people are wondering why were they fighting in the first place. At this point, no one really knows what led to the fight.

The latest fiasco with Tamar and Vince follows a bombshell rumor about the singer’s alleged cheating. Back in July, Tamar was rumored to be having an affair and many fans speculated that there was trouble in paradise then. Love B. Scott shared details about their reportedly strained relationship. In fact, there was speculation they were headed for divorce.

“He doesn’t know who Tamar is anymore,” a source told the site.  “He says she’s not the same woman he married eight years ago. She’s too busy going on vacations to worry about the drama at home. He has the baby, and that’s the only thing he’s concerned about.”

Listen to the call here:

Shortly after the cheating rumor surfaced on several news outlets, Tamar shared a quick video singing to Vince. Many fans saw the adorable video as a subliminal form of damage control, but it did keep the divorce rumors at bay. However, their Ritz Carlton fight puts a new spin on things. Will Tamar and Vince’s marriage survive? Only time will tell!


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