Tamela & David Mann ROBBED In ATL,See How It Didn’t Go Down w/Out A FIGHT

Posted On : June 29, 2016

On Monday, June 27th the “Meet The Browns” stars/gospel singers, David and Tamela Mann, were robbed in Atlanta, GA. They’d just arrived to Atlanta for work and stopped to eat at Red Lobster. David said they were only seated at their table for about 3 minutes when someone ran inside telling them robbers were breaking into their car. The Manns jumped up to chase the robbers, who were running to a black Kia with tinted windows and chrome wheels. It’s also said that there were three guys and a child in the car. Crazy right? What idiot brings a kid to the robbery?!!
David & Tamela Mann

David and their daughter, Tia, jumped in front of the car to try to stop the robbers, Tia was pounding on the hood of the car and David was trying to get them out of the car, but by then the robbers were already inside of the car and about to pull off. As a last resort, David punched their window, but they still got away with his new computer, his backpack, their ID’s, passports, blood pressure medication, and a boatload of Tamela’s expensive jewelry.

6-30 david and tamela mann kissing

The Manns posted a somber video on Facebook asking the robbers, or anyone who knows the robbers, to return their belongings. They also admitted that they wanted to cry because they felt so violated that people would take the things they worked so hard for. Right now the ATL police are investigating the crime.

Tamela’s and David’s Facebook video has been viewed over 1 million times since Monday, June 27th, so hopefully it has reached someone out there who knows something about the suspects will step forward to help the Manns out. You can view their video here.

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