Tank Tries To SCHOOL Chris Brown For SITTING During National Anthem

Posted On : September 12, 2016

On Sunday, Tank sang the National Anthem at the Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Game at USC, but there was one issue he felt the need to address while there – Chris Brown, along with many other celebs, took part in the charity basketball game, but Chris chose NOT to take part in the singing of the national anthem. The moment, which was caught on video, was kind of awkward…


Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 2.42.58 PM

Tank linked Chris Brown's silent protest against the many injustices and oppression in America, to the very tragic terrorist attacks on Sept.11 (which was the date the celebrity game took place):

Tank's statement to the audience- "I understand that everybody is exercising their right to stand or sit, and exercise their right to freedom of justice. But in the wake of 9/11, please understand that real men and women, and children lost their lives for this very thing that we're able to stand for today, for this very place that we're in, for this moment, for this interaction. So if you don't mind I'm gonna sing..." Tank told the Power 106 audience.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 3.05.57 PM Chris stayed calm, but it was still evident that he, along with probably many other people in the crowd, was able to pick up on the awkwardness of the moment Tank had just created. As Tank sang Chris applauded a couple times and cracked a couple smiles...


After watching the video and seeing both singers exercise their rights to sit and stand during the National Anthem, it does make you wonder if there was more behind Tank's decision to get on the mic and bring attention to he and Chris Brown's obviously opposite points of view on the matter: Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 2.45.30 PM

  • Did Tank maybe view Chris Brown's decision to sit while he sang the National Anthem as a form of personal disrespect towards him (Tank)?
  • Or did Tank feel that Chris' silent protest, indirectly put him on the spot in front of everyone and therefore Tank felt pressured to avoid looking like the Black man standing up and shuckin' in jivin,' while his younger R&B colleague peacefully protested oppression in America just a few feet away from him?
Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 2.39.37 PM

Who knows if either of those two reasons apply, but overall it's just great that both Chris Brown and Tank, were using their American right to express themselves as they saw fit...which is what this whole silent protest debate- recently re-sparked by Colin Kaepernick- is about in the first place.

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