Taraji Sends Message To President Obama & 1st Lady That’ll Leave U In Tears

Posted On : January 19, 2017

Empire/Hidden Fgures actress, Taraji P. Henson, has been a very vocal supporter of President Obama and 1st Lady, Michelle Obama. She also made it known who she stood with during the 2016 presidential election- Hillary Clinton. Well now, she’s just posted a touching message on Instagram bidding Mr. & Mrs. Obama a farewell.

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In her message she also admitted that when she recently visited the White House, she damn near ‘grabbed them by the ankles’ to beg them not to leave. I suddenly had a vision in my mind, of Taraji turning real ‘Cookie-like’ for a second inside of the White House and actually doing that, LOL…y’all know “Cookie” plays NO games! Anywho, if you’re down with the Obama’s, you may just get a little misty eyed after reading Taraji’s post. Check it out below…

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@tarajiphenson: #TBT not so far back. I wanted to grab their ankles and beg them NOT TO LEAVE!!!! 😩😖😂😳 I have a lump in my throat. 😣😥 I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS EMOTIONAL about a President and First Lady leaving the White House. NEVER!!!! Thank you @barackobama @michelleobama THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THE WORLD! Thank you for hope. Thank you for real change!! Thank you for never wavering on faith. Thank you for being a model example of how a strong union between husband and wife can stand side by side STRONG AND FEARLESS against ALL adversities and not be broken or phased……ever 😌. JUST…….Thank you!!!! #my❤ Enjoy your lives you deserve all of life’s sweetness because you gave SO MUCH!!! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH FOREVER!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💋💋💋

Many have expressed Taraji’s same sentiment. Tonight Al Sharpton posted several pics on Twitter of himself attended Michael Moore’s Anti-Trump rally outside Trump Tower in New York…


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Cher spoke at the event and so did Robert DeNiro. The turnout was in the double digit thousands as people shed tears, chanted for Obama, chanted against Donald Trump, sang uplifting music, and vowed to continue to push for change.

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As the clock winds down for the Obama era and into the Trump era, we wanna hear from all of our ILOSM family- Obama/Hillary Clinton supporters, as well as Trump supporters:

On a scale of 1-10 (1o being the highest), tell us how much, or how little, faith you have in the unbiased political capabilities of the new President Donald Trump?

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