Temper, Temper: Busta Rhymes Caught On Camera In Heated Altercation In Miami

Posted On : October 17, 2017

Ever had a bad day, where you just wanted to reach out and tap…or better yet, slap somebody right upside their temple for trying you? Yeah…we’ve probably all been there at some point and so has Busta Rhymes. He was ready to “Woo-ha!” and ‘put a young dude in check’ at Diddy’s REVOLT Music Conference in Miami last week. It was all caught on video.

Busta Rhymes

(Video) Busta Was Ready To Throw Down

At this point we’re not sure what caused the issue, but what is clear is that Busta was pissed the hell off. The guy he was bracing up to didn’t really look like he wanted trade blows with Busta. As Busta got in his face talking wild at him, the guy just stood there, saying very little…at least from what we can see in the video clip provided by TMZ..

Busta Rhymes

That didn’t stop Busta though, because apparently whatever the dude had already done to piss Busta off before the camera phones started filming, was enough for Busta to damn near knock the man to the ground. Busta ended up shoving the dude so hard, that he hobbled backwards a few steps. Busta’s crew immediately pulled him back and that’s when the unnamed guy, got away from Busta with the quickness. Check out the fiasco below…

This Isn’t The First Incident

This isn’t the first time Busta had a heated situation in public that was caught on camera. In 2015 he ended up throwing a protein shake in the face of a male employee of an NYC gym, after they had a tense exchange. The employee ended up pressing assault charges against Busta. However, after Busta spent a day in jail and completed an anger management course just prior to that incident, a judge decided the incident didn’t warrant any further punishment. In missed y’all missed that protein shake incident, no worries, we gotcha covered, here it is (via TMZ)…

Through It All, Busta’s Still A Family Man

Although Busta had a bad day…or two, let’s not be so quick to label the man as ‘hot-headed,’ because most of us have had our days. Besides, Busta may have let his temper get the best of him recently, but he’s cool, calm and collected when it comes to raising his children.

As we previously reported, Busta documented his youngest son, Trillian Wood-Smith’s, transition from a boy to a man in a cool Instagram post. In August of this year (2017) Busta (who goes by the name @conglomerateent on Instagram) dropped Trillian of to his new college dorm and shared the moment with his fans:

@conglomerateent: Today was such a magical day… This is a picture of me and my son in his new college dorm room where he will be through his next 4 yrs for college. Me and my beautiful family collectively saw my son off to college today… Another one of my babies left the nest today to embark on uncharted territory and start a new phase in life. I congratulate my young King @tksaudi as his journey continues in an even Greater way. I know it wasn’t easy but it was worth it every step of the way. It’s so hard to watch your babies leave the nest. As always we will be here every step of the way. SECURE THE WIN MY YOUNG KING!!!! #TheSmithLegacyContinues

Check out their photo below…

It was a beautiful thing to see Busta share that much needed father-son message with the world. Now, if we can only get the brotha to do a few deep breathing “woo-sa’s” to deflate the next time somebody tries him in public, he’ll be on a 2 for 2 winning streak.

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