Tension w/His Church? See Why Sis’ &Prince’s Remains Won’t Be At Memorial

Posted On : May 14, 2016

News has just began spreading about Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, and the strong message she posted for the public to, giving them a “very clear” understanding of where her and her family lie with the memorial(s) that are popping up in Prince’s honor. After word got out that the church (which is actually called a Kingdom Hall by members of the Jehovah Witness faith) that Prince was heavily dedicated to, was planning a public memorial for him, Tyka posted a detailed Facebook message which many took as a hint at some possible underlying tension with Prince’s hall (church)…


TYKA NELSON WANTS TO MAKE HER STANCE "VERY CLEAR" Tyka Nelson took to her Facebook page to make her and her family's stance "VERY CLEAR:"

“Let me make myself VERY CLEAR! [Neither] I nor my brother’s remains will be present at any Memorial or Funeral services, until the families [sic] Memorial/Funeral/Tribute. "The grief process is a unique experience to each individual and Therefore I support any and all Memorials or Funerals that have happened and/or are being planned. [...] However I will Not be in attendance, because I feel that once…is enough.”
Tyka also said that they'd planned a funeral for April 23rd, but that for unknown reasons, the "funeral plans had to be sadly aborted.” She also confirmed that the family will have an OFFICIAL public funeral for Prince in AUGUST. There's more..see what might be the reason behind the alleged tension with Prince's church>>>
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