Terrence Howard Shares His Thoughts On Mo’Nique Bashing ‘Empire’s’ Lee Daniels

Posted On : May 15, 2017

The musical head honcho of Empire’s “Lyon Dynasty”, Terrence Howard (‘Lucious Lyon’), has just revealed his honest opinion on Mo’Nique’s recent blasting of his Empire boss, Lee Daniels, as well as Oprah Winfrey, and Tyler Perry.

Terrence Howard and Lee Daniels
Terrence Howard and Lee Daniels

If any of you missed that news, you missed a whopper of a bombshell fired off by the comedian/actress. Mo’Nique held no punches as she explicitly blasted the three heavyweights, during her stand up the other night, for blackballing her in Hollywood. In her now viral video clip, She referred to said blackballing as being “whiteballed” by Oprah, Tyler and Lee who -in Mo’Nique’s opinion- are “some ni$$as who have no balls.”


A few hours later, paparazzi caught up with Howard about this, and his views are basically ‘My name’s Bennett and I ain’t in it’…not in those words of course.

That’s right, T. Howard is staying pretty neutral on this beef. In fact, he took it pretty lightheartedly as he stated that Mo’Nique- just like Daniels, Winfrey, Perry, and everyone else- is entitled to speak her mind. He also revealed that he’s cool with all of them, so that probably adds to why he didn’t wanna jump in between and pick sides on this one. He ended it by giving Mo’Nique her props as an actress and left it at that, as he signed autographs for fans and further chopped it up with the TMZ paps about the matter. Check out what else ‘Lucious’ had to say below…

And if you missed Mo’Nique’s blast session about the three Hollywood heavyweights- Daniels, Winfrey, and Perry- you can check it out HERE.

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