Terry Crews Now Shows Proof That Agency New Hollywood Exec Assaulted & Still Did Nothing

Posted On : December 1, 2017

The only actions that William Morris Endeavor (WME) talent agency has appeared to take against agent, Adam Venit, for reportedly sexually assaulting actor, Terry Crews, included a demotion from leading the motion pictures division and a 30-day suspension. Venit was reportedly back at work on Monday and Crews’ is pissed as hell about it. Upon hearing the news of his return, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor tweeted on Nov. 27 that “SOMEONE GOT A PASS.” WME execs are saying that they knew nothing about the assault allegations against Venit last year, but Crews just dispelled that myth.

(L) Terry Crews; (R) Hollywood exec who allegedly sexually assaulted Crews, Adam Venit

Crews tweeted a screenshot of a text conversation with his agent Brad Slater recounting what happened on Feb. 4. Here’s how he captioned it:

“The actual text to my agent Brad Slater @WME 28 hours after my February 4th 2016 assault by the agency’s Adam Venit,” Crews wrote. “Yet WME’s Co-Chairman @AriEmanuel says he didn’t know anything about anyone until my tweets 18 MONTHS LATER. ‘Scratch a liar… find a THIEF.’ #NOONEGETSAPASS”

According to the screenshot, Crews texted Slater on Feb. 6 at 3:18 p.m. telling him what happened and who witnessed it.

“Brad– your boy Adam Venit– I was hanging with Sandler the other night and he was DOPED UP. It was embarrassing. Sandler had to call me to apologize. He actually grabbed my NUTS. I wish I was making this up. Becky was right there. Somebody needs an intervention–QUICK. He almost got knocked out. I kept my peace but I ran outta there. This wasn’t drunk bro. I know drunk. It was like bath salts or something,” Crews told Slater.

Slater replied, “Wait….. Whhhaaat??? Calling you. It will be me from a 424 number.”

On Nov. 27, Crews had already tweeted a copy of a Huffington Post letter that he had given to Ari Emanuel, reminding him that he had publicly called for the blacklisting of Mel Gibson after the veteran actor was caught making anti-Semitic remarks to a cop.

Crews asserted that Venit’s crime was just as serious, but he said that Emanuel replied, “it’s different” and handed the article back to Crews.

Even in the face of such damning evidence, the agency refuses to publicly acknowledge what happened to Crews. This speaks to one of the many reasons why women and men don’t report sexual harassment and assault.

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