Test Results In On Tito’s Alleged Child, How Can He Explain These Pics?

Posted On : October 27, 2015

fb tito and tanay jackson
In case you haven’t been watching Tito Jackson’s sons, 3T’s, reality show, The Jacksons: The Next Generation, there is a woman by the name of Tanay Jackson, whom Tito’s sons met with on the show. Tanay has been claiming for several years on blogs and in interviews that she is the illegitimate daughter of Tito Jackson, so after getting tired of hearing her make those claims to the press, Tito’s sons- TJ, Taryll and Taj- decided to confront her on it on national TV. After Tanay claimed that she had a DNA test taken with their dad some years ago that she says confirmed that she was the daughter, but that she could not produce the results of the test to them, the sons got even more suspicious of her claims and convinced her to to take a DNA test with them.

On their way to the DNA testing site, they ran into their uncle Jermaine Jackson, on the street, informed him of who she was and Jermaine…

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