That’s a Dad! Samuel Jackson tells daughter, “Go The F— To Sleep!”

Posted On : June 21, 2015

Samuel L JacksonOne of our favorite old schoolers, Samuel Jackson has never been modest at the mouth…so don’t expect him to start anytime soon. And he’s not with his daughter either. Now, we can all appreciate that family member, who tells the honest truth about any and everybody in the family. They may be sober at times, and other times maybe not, but Samuel is capable of dropping the “F-Bomb”, and any other descriptive word that comes to mind at any time. In the case of his daughter, it was”Go The f— to sleep!”,

Samuel Jackson is not only the voice of the book, by profession and author, Adam Mansbach, entitled, “Go The f— to sleep!”, but he also shared with happened when his daughter, Zoe was younger, and he would read bedtime stories with her.

[su_quote cite=”” url=”″]”I remember all those times when I did read to my daughter when she was that age and everybody tells you reading stories will put kids to sleep, but it never works. It didn’t in my house,” Jackson said in a statement. “I did say ‘go the f— to sleep’ to her a lot, and I think at some point she would look at me when I would come into her room, and she would say, ‘Go the f— to sleep, Daddy?’ and I would say, ‘Yeah, go the f— to sleep.'”[/su_quote]


Last Father’s Day, Audible offered the book free for downloading, but if you wanted to get a preview of the book with Samuel Jackson reading it, take a listen. Also, check out a few pics of Samuel and his daughter Zoe.

Samuel Jackson and daughter, Zoe Jackson
Samuel Jackson, wife and daughter

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