The Fellas Are Going Crazy Over Barry White’s Sexy Songstress Granddaughter

Posted On : July 2, 2017
Barry White back in the day with his wife, Glodean

Back in the day, Barry White was the one makin’ all the women swoon with his baritone voice. His smooth R&B sound is also appreciated by the fellas because his music helps them set the right mood with their ladies. Back in the day, kids and men alike wanted to be cool like ‘the Maestro, himself, but, nowadays, there’s another member of his family capturing the hearts of fans everywhere – namely the fellas. That member is is grandbaby, Brittany Glodean.

Barry White’s Granddaughter & Daughter

Brittany is following her musical dream to one day take the music world by storm. She’s a beautiful red-head, with a killer smile and the curves to match. The 22-year-old songstress is the daughter of Bridgette White Hancock and of course and her grandparents are Barry and Glodean White. As you can see, Brittany was partly names after her grandma Glodean, who was Barry’s wife of several decades (up until his death) and his former Love Unlimited backup singer.


Brittany Glodean On How Barry & Glodean White Influenced Her

At a very young age, Brittany knew music would be a major part of her life. During an interview with Splash magazine, she explained how her grandparents’ legacy influenced her love for music. When asked about her musical career and her grandparents, she said, “their [Barry and Glodean White] legacy has definitely had a HUGE influence on my music, growing up I watched how hard they worked to be at such a successful place. I learned to take my career seriously and put everything into it because at the end of the day what you put in is what you get back!”

She continued, “They have always given me advice on simple things from how to stay on your note harmonizing to how to be a strong performer which has come from their experiences so in a sense all that I have become has been a reflection of their advice and motivation. And I am so grateful for that and continue to learn something new from them each day, each song, each show!”

Of course, everyone knows about Barry’s musical success, but Glodean also did her thing. She was a talented singer with the musical trio Love Unlimited. The three women sang backup for Barry and in 1981, she and Barry released their collaboration titled, Barry & Glodean.

Brittany Glodean With Her Aunt Shaherah (Barry’s other daughter)

Even though Barry has passed, his family still sticks together. Brittany maintains a close relationship with her aunt, Shaherah, who is her mother’s sister and the younger daughter of Barry and Glodean.

Brittany’s Parents

She and her mother have also shared quite a few pictures of their beautiful family on social media. Brittany is the spitting image of her parents. Check them out below…

Barry’s Grandbaby Has Shoe Endorsement

Barry White would definitely be proud of the woman his beautiful granddaughter has become!

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