The TRUTH About The Drug Dealer Who Funded R. Kelly’s Career

Posted On : September 27, 2015

r kelly
The man who discovered R. Kelly is a man by the name of David Lincoln Hyatt, and he was the first to sign Kellz to a record deal. Hyatt was also a convicted drug dealer, who ultimately ended up serving life in prison for trafficking truck loads of cocaine across states, which he adamantly denied doing for decades. He passed away from stage four prostate cancer in August (2015) at the age of 65, while serving his life sentence, and now some are debating whether or not R. Kelly was wrong for not trying to get him out of prison after Hyatt reached out to him for help. What could Kellz have done to actually make that happen? We have no idea, but people are still debating about this one nonetheless.

r kelly discoverer
David Lincoln Hyatt (center)

It’s actually really interesting that Kelly’s career was originally funded by drug money and that this guy is the man who is responsible for getting Kelly signed to Jive Records, who Kelly is still signed to today. There’s a whole lot going on with his story, so we wanted to share this article with you to see what your thoughts were on it. Via Miami New times:

David Lincoln Hyatt, founder of the Miami-based Tavdash Records...discovered the talents of R. Kelly when the singer/songwriter was an up-and-coming artist playing on the streets of Chicago.
According to his son Davin, Hyatt paid for an apartment for Kelly while he was recording his music. In 1989, Kelly released his first single, "Why You Wanna Play Me," with the group Mentally Gifted Men on Hyatt's label. Hyatt was also instrumental in getting Kelly...

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