These Twins’ Black Grandfather Is One Of The Realest Soul Music Icons Ever…Their Grandmother’s Famous Too

Posted On : April 19, 2017
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Twin grandchildren of a soul icon (Instagram)

If you know anything about soul music, then you know their Grandpops really well. He’s only sold millions upon millions of records throughout his impressive career and is one of the realest entertainers of the soul music era. He does not bite his tongue for anyone and is an adamant believer in equal rights for all people. And to prove it, he’s been known to publicly speak out about injustices against himself and his fellow minorities across the world from time to time.

Although his grandkids may not necessarily appear to be African American at first glance, their grandfather makes that known about himself every chance he gets…especially in more recent years, where the prim and proper mode that artists were widely expected to have back in the day, has been erased, now allowing them to freely express who they really are however they see fit.

Scroll down to see who these twins call Pop-pop…well, we really don’t know exactly what name they call him, but Pop-pop just sounds cool…in a Grandpops kinda way. Anyways, check out who he is below and see if your guess was on point…


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‘Mr. Tears of A Clown’ a.k.a. Smokey Robinson is the proud grandfather of his twin grandbabies! Now can you see the resemblance?

We do not know the twins names, so we’ll simply dub them the ‘Robinson twins’ for the duration of this article. They are the children of Smokey’s son, whom many never knew he had…


In case you missed our previous article on him, then meet Smokey’s son, Berry William Borope Robinson. Not much is known about Berry other than the fact that he’s the 49 year old son of Smokey and his soul singer ex-wife, Claudette Robinson (of The Platters). Berry is named after his godfather/Smokey’s best friend, Berry Gordy- the iconic Motown Records music mogul. Because so little is known about Berry R., we’ll play a bit of a guessing game with these next pics you’re about to see…

Berry shared these pics of himself, his son, and his daughter…no guessing here…

Smokey Robinson’s son, Barry, with his daughter (L) and son (R) (Instagram)

Possibly The Robinson Twins’ Mother…

Now we guess…and assume that because the woman (below) was posted twice in the same location with the twins, as their father was; and because Berry’s twins seem to resemble her, she just may be their Mother. HOWEVER, take this part with a grain of salt, because we are not sure….this is purely an assumption for any of the ‘fake news’ attackers out there who comment prior to fully reading, LOL. I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid…seriously though, we don’t know who she is, but check out their facial similarities in the pics that Berry Robinson shared below…

A post shared by Berry Robinson (@borope1) on

Smokey’s Ex-Wife/Soul Singer Claudette Robinson, With Their Son

Berry’s legendary soul music mother/Smokey’s ex-wife, Claudette is still just as gorgeous as she ever was…

Mom & I

A post shared by Berry Robinson (@borope1) on

And there ya’ have it family- the Robinson family in a nutshell…well,we’re missing two in these pics: Berry’s daughter, Tamla, and his other son, Trey.

Watch Smokey Get Real About His Blackness

By the way, in case you’re wondering why we were referring to Smokey as being very one of the realest, it’s because he’s been very vocal about his pride in his African American heritage these days and the plight that comes along with that in America. For your entertainment pleasure, we’ve included a video clip of him expressing himself on Def Poetry Jams. Just a heads up: Smokey drops a few ‘choice words’ within his delivery, so if you’re at work tap that volume (down) button…

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