This Actor Starred In Popular 80s/90s CLASSIC Films, See Who!

Posted On : February 17, 2016

fb bill nunnThis actor grew up to be a star in some of our favorite 80’s and 90’s movie classics. His characters are always some of the most memorable every time he graces the big screen. One character in particular will forever be a defining moment within his career because it was one of our first introductions to him and his performance made the industry take notice.

He is none other that the one and only “Radio Raheem” from Do The Right Thing!

Bill Nunn as "radio Raheem" in "Do The Right Thing"
Bill Nunn as “Radio Raheem” in “Do The Right Thing”

Actor Bill Nunn is also know for his other popular roles as “Grady” from School Daze, “Nino Brown’s” bodyguard, “Duh Duh Duh Man” in New Jack City, and “Bottom Hammer” in Mo’ Better Blues. Bill has starred in several roles since these infamous classics, but he’ll always be “Radio Raheem” to us.


So what’s Bill been up to lately? Well his radio Raheem days are long gone, but he still been getting his acting on consistently ever since he made his film debut in Spike Lee’s School Daze. He has fifty films and three TV series under his belt, with the most recent being the current USA network’s comedy-drama series, Sirens. Bill is 61 years of age now and still out here showing these youngin’s how it’s done, but geesh, where did the time go?!! It seems like it was just yesterday he was playing a college dude in School Daze and bumpin’ Public Enemy out of his boombox in the Bronx neighborhood in Do The Right Thing.

Bill is married to his wife Donna and he has two children, Cydney (pictured below) and Jessica.
bill and daughter cydney
Check out a quick interview of Bill on the set of of his new show, Sirens

What was your favorite Bill Nunn character?

Duh Duh Duh Man (New Jack City)

Bottom Hammer (Mo’ Better Blues)
bill nunn mo better

Grady (School Daze)
bill nunn school daze

Radio Raheem (Do The Right Thing)
bill nunn radio raheem
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