This JerryCurl Kid Became A Known Singer Who Recently Checked Fan Over His Child ​

Posted On : May 26, 2017

ILOSM fam’ do you have any idea who this youngin’ is rockin’ the tuxedo, Gazelle-style shades, and Jerry Curl? Judging from the picture, in comparison to how he looks now, you’d probably never guess this popular R&B singer.

via Instagram
via Instagram

However, the brotha grew up and rose to stardom in the late 90’s, as the lead singer of a very popular group. They’re now known for their mid-tempo hits and memorable ballads. As a matter of fact, you’re bound to hear at least one of their joints blasting off at a wedding reception, or at a grown folks club nowadays. To this day, many of their hits are still being played on radio stations across the country as well.

He also went on to have a few successful solo projects and was featured on one of the biggest R&B songs of the late 1990’s – “We Can’t Be Friends” by Deborah Cox. Yes people, the cool Jerry curl wearing cat was none other than Robert Lavelle Huggar a.k.a. R.L. from the group, Next…

R.L. with his wife, Zena
R.L. with his wife, Zena

Needless to say, R.L. has changed quite a bit over the years, but we gotta give it to him though, during his prom years his swag was still on level 1000! Nowadays, R.L. has reunited with his group members, after years of beefin’ with each other. But he’s also embarking on a different chapter in his life. The “Best Man I Can Be” crooner is focused on family and fatherhood.

Why R.L. Checked The Hell Outta His Fan Over His Child

Remember we mentioned, in our headline, that R.L. recently had to thoroughly check a fan for disrespecting his child? Here’s what went down: A couple months ago, R.L. made it clear that he takes fatherhood very seriously and he isn’t gonna fall back if someone comes at his children sideways. When a fan decided to question the singer about his child, he wasted no time clappin’ back. It all started on Jan. 23, 2017, when R.L. shared the first public photo of his adorable daughter, Rory.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.00.21 PM

As expected, most fans congratulated R.L. and his wife, Lena, on the birth of their baby girl. But one fan decided to question R.L. about the baby since her beautiful striking features are a bit different than most fans would have expected.

Here is the exchange between R.L. and the fan:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.03.05 PM

R.L. took to Instagram again to address the elephant in the room by blatantly slamming the fan for her rude remarks:

“Ignore the comments they say. Block them.. don’t pay them any mind. Heck nah, I want the world to see the ignorance and hate. Don’t think for a minute it’s gonna ruin my night or make me question the blessing God gave me. But, I’ll never be numb to the hurt of hurtful words like this. U should be ashamed of yourself @mrz_j2u and I’ll tell u like I tell all the others. I hope your daddy loves u like I love my daughter! Be blessed.”

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 11.08.46 PM

R.L. has made it clear he does NOT play when it comes to his family. In October 2016, R.L. married a pregnant Lena after several years of dating. Less than three months later, the couple welcomed their daughter, Rory. With his group back together, his new wife, new baby, and his eldest child officially becoming a man, life seems to be coming full circle for R.L.. Wishing he and his family lifelong happiness and bliss.

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