Look At What This “Last Dragon” Star Is Doing For A Living Now!

Posted On : March 27, 2015

last dragon blog pic

You ever wondered what The Last Dragon star, Taimak Guarriello, has been doing since we last saw him 30 years ago in the movie? Well it turns out he’s been busy getting his “Bruce Leroy” on – literally.

You see, he really is a real life “Bruce Leroy” so to speak, just like his character’s younger brother, “Richie Green” (played by the late Lee O’Brien), called him in the movie. In the film, the nickname “Bruce Leroy,” described an African American dude named “Leroy,” who looked up to martial artist, Bruce Lee, and practiced karate in the hood where he grew up.

Via Instagram: @iamtaimak

Well, Taimak who is now 50, is the same as his character in real life- a Black martial arts expert who’s been…

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