This “Moesha” Star Died A VERY Tragic Death & He Was SO YOUNG! Details…

Posted On : March 21, 2016

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We all remember the 90’s TV star who played “Hakeem” on the TV sitcom, “Moesha,” wich starred singer, Brandy. “Hakeem” was character who lived next door to “Moesha” (Brandy) and her family and he always went to their house to hitch a ride to school and eat up all of their food.

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Bentley with his “Moesha” co-star Brandy Norwood…

Lamont Bentley and Brandy

The thing that is news to so many of us is that actor, Artimus Lamont Bentley a.k.a. “Hakeem,” sadly lost his life suddenly in a fatal single person car accident when he was just 31 YEARS OLD. He has been gone from this earth for 11 years, ever since he met his untimely fate on January 19, 2005, but yet, the mainstream media barely covered this young brotha’s passing. So we want to shed some light on exactly what happened to Bentley:

lamont bentley2Bentley was traveling alone on the 118 Freeway near Simi Valley shortly after midnight when he headed for the Rocky Peak Fire Road offramp at a high speed, witnesses told authorities. His Mercedes-Benz ran through a stop sign, tore through a chain-link fence across the street, and rolled down an embankment, where he was thrown from the car into freeway traffic.

Bentley was hit by up to five cars before authorities reached him, said Craig Stevens, a senior deputy medical examiner for Ventura County.

Bentley was pronounced dead at 12:23 a.m. An autopsy concluded that he died of multiple blunt force injuries. The results revealed no drugs or alcohol in his system. -via L.A. Times

Bentley also appeared in over a dozen other films and TV shows throughout his career, including “The Wash” (starring Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg), which was a remake of the 70’s film, “Car Wash,” in the film, “Tales From The Hood,”and in the TV series, “South Central.”

lamont bentley and brandy norwood

Sadly, Bentley had two little daughters who have now had to grow up without the guidance of their Dad. Hopefully they have turned out okay. Bentley was also survived by his Mom, whom was living with him in Granada Hills, Cali. at the time of his death.

lamont bentley

It’s always extremely difficult for us to understand why some people have to leave this earth and their loved ones so soon, but maybe it’s not meant for us to understand…at least not more than it may be meant for us to truly know and live each day by the fact that neither tomorrow, nor the next hour, is promised to any of us. So maybe we should all take heed to that reality and try our best to live each passing day like it’s our last- let’s try to never miss an opportunity to tell our loved ones that we love them, let’s make the little moments in life count, and let’s try everything within our power to live life with no regrets.

May Artimus Lamont Bentley continue to rest easy and may his family and loved ones be at peace.

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