Thriller Model, Ola Ray, Got Paid HOW MUCH By The Jackson Estate?!!

Posted On : June 7, 2015

ola ray

Remember Ola Ray, the gorgeous video model/actress from Michael Jackson’s 1983Thriller” video?Well we don’t know how we missed this information a couple years ago, but somehow we did: Ola Ray came up big time with her “Thriller” royalty money.

First of all, she has got to be the highest paid video model/actress I’ve ever seen! I can’t say that I’ve heard of music video models getting paid royalties from videos, as opposed to just getting one flat fee for their work, but somehow royalties is exactly what Ola Ray got. She played the game right and also must have had an incredible agent, so kudos to her.

ola ray now

Anyways, Ola Ray and Michael had a great friendship, but it was his estate, not him, that was causing her to get jacked out of her royalties. She said:

“Michael would always re-release Thriller in different packages so that I would get my royalties. He really did his personal best to help me while he was alive. Unfortunately, the people handling his estate have not been acting according to his wishes since his death.”


Ola Ray ultimately sued Jackson’s estate to get her dough and like we said, she came up…all the way up to the tune of $75,000. Many would say that’s a lot for…

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