Throwin’ Shade?? Brandy Slams Ex-Fiancee & His New Girlfriend, Selita Ebanks

Posted On : May 22, 2017


Brandy has moved on from her ex-fiancee, Ryan Press, but that doesn’t mean the two are amicable. Brandy seems to be throwin’ serious shade at her ex and his new lady/model, Selita Ebanks. In case you hadn’t heard, Ryan and Selita went public with their relationship when they arrived on the red carpet together for the 2017 Grammy Awards.

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Shots Fired:

Last month, Brandy hit Ryan, who is also her former manager, with a few verbal shots about a “phony engagement ring.”

Of course, Brandy’s Instagram post turned heads, but, now she’s taken things to a whole new level. Just when fans may have thought things were over, Brandy hit Ryan and Selita yet again with another stinging Instagram post.

The Gut Punch:

During a recent performance, Brandy called out Ryan describing him as “lying, cheating and rebounding with a “broke b*tch.” She also included a caption with the video that read, “Tell the f*ckin truth and it will continue to set you free.” As expected, fans immediately began wondering who Brandy was talking about, but she made it clear discussions wouldn’t be held under her post. She actually disabled the comments on the post, but most fans are quite sure the statements were made toward Ryan Press.

Here’s the post:

Brandy’s latest verbal jab at Ryan follows an interview about their split. Shortly after calling off the engagement, Brandy spoke with Uptown magazine about the failed relationship and revealed they wanted different things out of life. “Ryan and I were just two completely different people and we found that out when we were already in love with each other. Sometimes it happens,” she explained. “It hurt him, it hurt me and it hurt my daughter. It was a really hard time and another phase of the sadness that was a cloud for a while.”

Brandy with her then fiancee, Ryan Press
Brandy with her then fiancee, Ryan Press

Although Brandy didn’t confirm whether or not she was cheated on, she did make it clear she will never mix business with pleasure again. “I will not mix business with pleasure anymore,” she told the publication. “I think that’s one of the things that does not work for me. I get confused about who a person is. That’s one of the things that I know that I will never ever do if I am ever to have time or make time for another relationship. I want to keep my business and my personal separate.”

Brandy is now dating christian rap artist, Sir St. James the Baptist and fans are hoping things turn out well this time around. Good luck to both of ’em.


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