Todd Bridges Painfully Revealed What He & Mom Did To His SEXUAL ABUSER

Posted On : September 1, 2016

For many years, former “Different Strokes” star, Todd Bridges’ name was synonymous with drugs, jail, child-star-gone-wild, and any other negative connotation you could think of…most of which was true. For years, many judged him, but there is a reason for his wild past. In an interview with Oprah a few years ago, Todd tearfully explained what that reason is and his interview was painful to watch, but check out what he and his Mother revealed…


todd bridges then and now Todd Bridges' many problems all stem from the horrific sexual abuse he endured as a child and by that time, he was already professional actor. He and his mom spoke out about just how bad things actually got between them and his sexual abuser (whom they also named). But what Todd said his Dad did AFTER he found out his son had been abused, was even worse according to Todd...

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