Trina Reveals All She Ever Wanted, On New Song

Posted On : October 7, 2015

trina (1)
Trina’s been known to express here love for all the fine things in life that it has to offer. Red Bottoms, money, cars, diamonds, independence, money, and more money. But on her latest single “Real One” with R&B artist Rico Love, Trina’s reaching out for something a little different, a real one. Trina’s still fine as wine at the age of 36, but she’s admitting that she hasn’t found that “One”, that “Real One”.

She might still be a big young for our “old schoolers”, but if you’re a 70s baby, Trina came along at a time when many of us were still living the single life, club and bar hopping, but we were starting to slow down a bit. We were over 25 when Trina’s first album “Da Baddest B!t#h” was starting to hit the airwaves. Many of us were looking for the picket white fences, and a little one, while Trina was about 19 years old and she was the flip mouth southern princess and was the self proclaimed baddest b!t#h.  So now the Diamond Princess is looking to slow things up a bit. Although her wordplay is still classic Trina, which is raw and straight to the point, you can hear her emotions peeking thru. Check out the video and if you’re loving this, you can get the single on iTunes here.

TrinaI shop myself, I cop myself
For myself, by myself
Got my health, got my wealth
Got my own, don’t need no help
Know how to play with the cards I’m dealt
But it would be nice to have a REAL ONE
Picket fences and a lil one
Fly ni*#a with a bankroll
Educated, but still to know how to kill some
Is that too much to ask?

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