Troop’s Lead Singer Makes BOLD Comment About DownLow Gays In Music, Fans React

Posted On : February 10, 2017

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True lovers of 80s/90s R&B know exactly who Steven Russell Harts is, but for those who need a quick breakdown or memory refresher, let us do the liberty of filling you in. Steve is the lead singer of the R&B group, Troop. They had us rockin’ and slow draggin’ back in the day to their many hits, including “Spread My Wings,” “Mamacita,” and two of our personal favorites, “All I Do Is Think of You” (J5 remake) and “I Will Always Love You.”

Now that we’re all up to speed on who Troop is, lets get into the bold statement Steve just made about gay men and down low brothas within the music industry. Bottom line is Steve is pissed off to the highest level of pissivity (that’s not a real world, but somehow perfectly descriptive of what we’re saying here). Steve, has been in the music game quietly making MAJOR bread behind the scenes ever since the mid-90’s with his songwriting and production skills. But that success doesn’t stop the fact that he still feels highly underrated and disrespected within the industry. He angrily expressed why that is, and apparently it has something to do with homosexuality in the music game. Tap the ‘next’ button to check out what Steve vented about…

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