U Will NOT Believe What Women’s Business Lionel Richie Is Launching!

Posted On : May 3, 2016

Lionel Richie may be ready to get in touch with his softer side, which is something most experts say men should try, although I’m not sure if they necessarily mean doing it the Richie way though. Talk has been floating around about a possible new makeup/cosmetics line Richie may be launching after he recently created the cosmetics trademark, “Hello By Lionel Richie.” This trademark apparently includes copyrights that will protect everything his brand will probably be creating: body glitter, cosmetics, hair bows, nail polish, bath beads, and face masks. Ain’t that something? Maybe Richie is just trying to beat Adele to the punch before she jacks another concept from him (which is what he said she did for her song “Hello”), or maybe these cosmetics are a part of his secret as to how he’s one of the few male celebs that most females say look much better with some age on him. That could explain why he has gone from looking like this…


LIONEL RICHIE NOW Bam! Life after earning multi-millions, aging a little bit, possibly even some 'Hello By Lionel Richie' cosmetics and this is his outcome...props to Lionel Richie! We'll be on the lookout for his new brand and will keep you posted in case you wanna pick some up from your local mall's cosmetics department. This is quite creative of Richie, I must say.

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