See Which SWV Singer Gay Clubs & Drug Dealers To Survive!

Posted On : June 19, 2015

BLOG leleeIn 2007, shortly after SWV reunited, LeLee did an interview with Jamie Foster, the owner of Sister 2 Sister magazine, to reveal some very personal details about what it was really like for her throughout the years after SWV broke up and what she revealed will leave you in shock and shedding a tear.

LeLee is known to be a very straight up woman who has no problem speaking extremely candidly, so when revealing these truths about her life, she held nothing back and for her bravery and her honesty, we salute her to the fullest. For the record, we would like to note that LeLee and her group members, Coko and Taj have all confirmed that LeLee never revealed how bad things were for her to Coko nor Taj…in fact, she did a great job at hiding it from them.
swv now3

Okay with that said, you have to see what LeLee revealed about herself…

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