U Won’t Believe How This “Purple Rain” Actress Lived AFTER Success!

Posted On : May 15, 2016

Jill Jones is widely known as the actress whose character as a waitress in “Purple Rain” was sweet on “The kid” (Prince’s character) in the movie. But what some may not know is that Jones is a singer who was once signed to Prince’s Paisley Park Records. After gaining notoriety in  “Purple Rain,” releasing two albums, and working with a plethora of hit makers in the music game, ranging from Prince; to the soul band, Chic; Me’shell Ndegeocello; to Rick James; Teena Marie and more, Jones’ career kind of hit rock bottom and she ended up going through a great deal of pain, embarrassment, and disappointed in the music industry, as well as in her personal life. She was victorious in her fight to find peace in the end, but not without going through the heartaches she described in the excerpts you’re about to see from Jones’ interview with soul singer, Rhonda Nicole (for Soul Train)…


JILL JONES GREW TO HATE THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD After years of trying to have a successful music career, after the death of her beloved Mother, and after releasing her lightly promoted second album titled, "Two," Jill Jones (pictured above) revealed that she hated the music game like a "bad lover":

'It had become very easy to focus on the sad aspects of my life—the death of my mother, a divorce. I spent the 15 years after that album [her 2001 album, "Two"] not really being comfortable in my own skin, not accepting the parting of my mother, not being involved with a label and having to do everything myself. I became kind of angry about it. [...] I felt music was one of the love affairs of my life...something that always left me hanging. It was like a really bad lover!
I did miss it [music], but I did cut it off. I wanted to be angry about it, to always have some negative thing to say. I was scared, I was terrified! I didn’t want to be rejected, I didn’t want everybody to know that I was a failure. [...] There was so much humiliation. It was like, “What am I going to do, and how am I going to do this?”'
That's when she decided to make the bold move to do this>>>
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