U Won’t Believe The Stupid Reason Barry White’s Brother Was Murdered!

Posted On : November 19, 2015

fb barry white brother4 The late, great, “Maestro” Barry White accomplished some great feats in the music industry, selling over 100 million records in his lifetime, but before he saw any parts of the lights, glitz, and glamour, he and his brother were a living a street life similar to the one Randy Crawford sang about in ’79.

Barry White admitted that while growing up in a hood of South Central, L.A., Cali (Watts to be exact), he and his brother, Darryl (who was only 13 months younger than him and is said to have looked like his twin), were criminals back in the day and they were also involved with gangs (Barry once described himself as an ex-gang banger). Darryl first went to juvenile jail at 8 years old and Barry went to jail at the age of 16. Yeah, they got started really early.

Their lives had very different outcomes though. Barry White was busted…

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