See Which Celeb’ This Switch Singer Dated & Wrote “I Call Your Name” For!

Posted On : January 4, 2016

fb switch and toya
Remember Switch’s 1979 classic, “I Call Your Name”? Well guess what? That song was inspired by a famous R&B singer who was also the love of Bobby Debarge’s (the lead singer of Switch) life at that time. According to switch member, Gregory Williams, the late, Bobby, and this female singer were madly in love and that was all Bobby could think about at that time.

Their relationship was kept very private back in the day and it wasn’t until a few decades later that some whispers got our publicly about their puppy love.

The singer we’re referring to had a music career that was primarily crackin’ throughout the 80’s, but after that era fizzled out, so did her career. Okay family those are all of the hints we’ll give. Hit that ‘next’ button to see who she is…

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