Uh Oh..Actress Jackee’ Harry Made Controversial Statement About O.J. & Fans Reacted

Posted On : July 29, 2017

If there’s one thing we love about former 227 and Sister, Sister actress, Jackee’ Harry, it’s her outspoken personality. She’s been known to speak her mind, check a fan or two, and take shots at a fellow celebrity in a heartbeat, right on social media for all the world to see. Take, for example, the time she suggested to a fan that they quench their “thirst” by finding someone to hook up with for a one night stand on the website, Tinder…

Or the time she made a PSA for a “boy toy” she could get busy with…

Then there was the time she shaded actor, Marshala Ali, in favor of Idris Elba…

This time around though, Jackee’ decided to discuss O.J. Simpson’s recent granting of parole. He’ll be a free man soon, after serving almost nine years for stealing his sports memorabilia back from some cats in a Las Vegas hotel. O.J.’s parole was streamed live from Lovelock Correctional facility in Nevada. After the parole board granted his parole- eligible in October 2017- fans took to social media to either bash the decision, or applaud it.

O.J. Simpson in court

Jackee’ made it clear what side she was on, when she posted a statement comparing O.J.’s bashers versus George Zimmerman- the White/Hispanic guy who walked free after admitting to murdering the unarmed 17 year old African American, Trayvon Martin, in Florida on February 26, 2012. After O.J.’s parole decision was revealed, Jackee’ posted this to Twitter:

Some of you are HEATED that OJ has been granted parole, but seem to have accepted that George Zimmerman is a free man. #Fight4Justice


After she posted her statement, fans responded…and so did she:




ILOSM family, do y’all think Jackee Harry made a good point, or nah?

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