Despite Tamar Braxton Touring W/ Xscape, Here’s Who They’ve Hired To Manage Them

Posted On : December 2, 2017

The Great Xscape Tour is underway and the ladies of Xscape have hit the road with Monica and Tamar Braxton. It would seem like all of the ladies would get along just fine since they tend to run in the same circle. However, Xscape’s recent management decision may ruffle a few feathers. According to The Jasmine Brand, the ladies have hired Vince Herbert as their manager. During a recent interview, the ladies explained why they decided to work with Vince.

Impressed With His Work:

Despite all of the bad press Vince has been receiving lately, the ladies are still impressed with his work. They shared details about the recent meeting they had with Vince and why they chose to seal the deal with him. “We sat down with him, had some food and just talked, like how most business takes place, he just got our vision and he saw the potential in us.”

They also believe Vince’s work speaks for him and they’re looking forward to working with him. “We love what he did with Tamar and Lady Gaga and we also knew he understood the business. We’re really excited.”

LaTocha went on to discuss Vince’s participation in the group’s upcoming biopic. The famed music executive will also be part of the film project. “Mona [Scott-Young] is still managing the four of us for the reality show, and TV and film projects,” said LaTocha. “Vincent manages the music.”

Vince Herbert and Lady Gaga

Drama Ahead?:

Of course, we all know Vince has been highly successful in the music industry and he’ll probably make magic happen for Xscape. For years, he’s worked with some of the biggest acts in the industry today. But, you can’t help but wonder how all of this will work out while the ladies are on tour with Tamar. Since the “Love and War” singer and Vince aren’t on the best terms, these days, it would seem that his presence would cause a little friction given their pending divorce. For the past few weeks, disturbing details about Vince and Tamar’s marriage have been made public. The Braxton Family Values star’s mother, Evelyn Braxton, revealed her daughter had suffered physical abuse at the hands of Vince for years.

Tamar Braxton and husband, Vincent Herbert


Right now, Tamar has yet to speak on the situation but it looks like Vince is ready to bounce back from his financial downfall. The ladies of Xscape also shared details about their plans for new music. “We’ve been working with Tricky Stewart, and the songs are really amazing. We worked really hard. We recorded six songs, in like six days,” said LaTocha. “Dream Killa” is the first single, it’s a real Xscape record,” explained Tiny. “It definitely has what fans expect us to have, a 90s vibe.”

Hopefully, everyone can get through the tour without any drama.

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