Uh Oh! Ed Files Claim Against Ex Keshia Knight &It’s About Her Cosby Court Visit

Posted On : June 9, 2017

In the never-ending real-life drama series that has unfortunately become the divorce and co-parenting of former Cosby Show actress, Keshia Knight Pulliam and her ex/retired NFL’er, Ed Hartwell, more unfortunate drama has just unfolded.

Ed Hartwell and Keshia Knight Pulliam during happier times

This time it isn’t Keshia putting Ed on blast for slackin’ on his child support payments for their newborn, Ella Grace, it’s Ed marching down to the courthouse to bring the noise to Keshia for doing him dirty, according to his legal documents.

What Does Cosby’s Assault Trial Have To Do With This?

TMZ reported that Ed has just filed legal papers, claiming Keshia stood him up for his court ordered visitation for their baby girl. He’s asking the judge to give him back the he missed due to Keshia’s trip she took their baby on. The trip he’s referring to is Keshia’s Pennsylvania trip to go support her former TV pops, Bill Cosby, during his sexual assault trial on Monday, June 5th (2017).

Keshia Knight-Pulliam and baby, Ella Grace (Instagram)

Ed Claims Keshia’s In Contempt Of Court For Her Actions

Ed said Keshia knew that June 5th was his day to get his lil’ time in with Ella, but she denied him of that. Check out the details below and the pint-sized visitation time Ed gets with their daughter:

Via TMZ: In new legal docs, Ed Hartwell says he only gets to see their daughter, Ella Grace, for one hour twice a week, but Keshia traveled out of state with her to be by Cosby’s side on day 1 of the trial. Hartwell says she trampled his visitation rights because he was supposed to get Ella on Tuesday, but apparently Keshia was still out of town. Hartwell says Pulliam’s in contempt and wants a make-up visit with his girl, pronto. He also wants her to cover all court and lawyer fees for this.

Hold up, Ed only gets TWO whole hours with his daughter per week?!! Dayumn!

This is messed up on several levels: From Ed denying Ella Grace was his during Keshia’s pregnancy because he suspected she cheated; to Keshia not calling him to let him know she’d delivered Ella Grace (claims Ed); to Ed not paying his child support on time (claims Keshia); and now to Keshia robbing Ed out of some of his measly two hours of father-daughter time.

I can’t tell who’s more right or more wrong in this scenario. But one thing’s for sure, it’s great Ed is at least fighting to get his two hours in with his daughter, but it’s gonna take a WHOLE lot more hours than that to effectively show that adorable little girl what it’s like to have a hands-on father in her life. Hopefully this entire situation gets better soon. Best of luck to Keshia and Ed.

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